Research Facts

  • 5 year old children express dissatisfaction with their bodies
  • By age 6 children understand the concept of dieting
  • At age 7, a quarter of children have taken part in dieting behaviours
  • More than half of girls and one third of boys 6-8 desire thinner bodies
  • 80% of 10 year old girls have actually been on a diet


Kat is eight years old and longs to be like the stars of music and television she admires. She wants long glossy hair and a slender body, just like she sees every day in the media. Kat no longer wants to eat food that makes her ‘fat’, and starts avoiding the food and activities she used to love. When she is on a beach trip with her family, her obsession with hiding her body is tested, and she must decide what is more important – fun with family or hiding under her hat.

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Hands up who has some issue with some part of their body? Even if it’s with your fingernails? I’ve spent the last 40 + years struggling with mine, every part of it, actually….except my fingernails. It starts in childhood, it follows you into adulthood and it hangs around. It doesn’t have to. Let’s start our kids on the right path and prevent negative body image from even starting.